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There are many marketing analysis tools available to marketers in all fields. These tools vary in the sense that some are free and others charge subscription fees. They also differ in the variety of features they make available. With so many options to choose from, one has to consider which one is the right tool for their purpose. Some devices are ranked highly in reviews.


Highly beneficial to users with complicated websites and mobile apps, Mixpanel is a powerful analytics tool that offers an invaluable holistic view into an audience’s behavior. It provides its clients access to information on how customers are using their website interface and mobile applications. Clients can observe users’ mobile transactions without learning or changing a single line of code, making it easily accessible. Its subscription changes according to the capacity of data analyzed.

Zuko Formisimo

Webforms are a way of gathering information online. It allows users to answer questions via widgets such as checkboxes, radio buttons, and text fields. This information is then sent to a server to be processed. The webform is very useful to marketers because it contains user input. Zuko’s Formisimo gives its clients information on why people don’t complete their company’s web forms. It can scrutinize real-time data on client sites and organize files depending on the analysis of records. Formisimo is useful to anyone whose website or app uses web forms. Its cost ranges from $50 to $180 per month.


A heatmap is a graphical representation of the way visitors use a website. It tracks user visits at a deeper level than counting clicks. CrazyEgg provides heatmaps to analyze and track user actions on websites, as well as the features they are using most for interaction. A color-coded system displays where users click on a page and how far down they scroll. This analytic tool can detect when people start to lose interest by calculating scroll depth in web pages. It can also provide your audience’s details since it shows your clicks’ source. For the first month, you can access it freely, after which you need to subscribe.


Buzzsumo helps companies use social media platforms to communicate with users and stay current with new trends. It can benefit anyone who works with content and social media sites because it does the heavy lifting distinguishing online noise from the topics relevant to them. This analytic tool also allows clients to sort and export data into an intuitive spreadsheet. Its services are available on paid subscriptions.