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Michael Troina

MArket Analysis

About Michael Troina

Based in New York City, Michael Troina’s passion for data analysis is a direct overflow of his love for marketing. “Why do we find things attractive and interesting as ourselves and what are some of the best ads?” A Graduate of City University of New York, Queens College with a BA in Economics and a Masters in Data Analytics from the University of California, Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business, Michael has spent the last few years diving deep into the habits of human behavior, and why we desire the things we do.

Michael’s venture into data analytics really began as an interest in social media. Proficient in Google Analytics – as a result of his own work in Youtube – Michael was introduced into the world of target audiences and interactions early on. From there, Michael’s work in Economics while attending college furthered his interest in human behavior and the give-and-take type way. “One decision comes with a lot of factors going into it. People aren’t blank slates, and human decision-making is the result of a lot of things coming at us at once.”

“If you’re going to be anything in your career or passion, be the person who makes the people around you better.” – Michael Troina









Through his professional work, Michael has also learned the innate importance of strong leadership. “In just about every industry or career niche, the one thing I have seen come up over and over is the importance of strong and strategic leadership.” It’s to the point, and the age-old adage of “without a vision, the people fail” is as true today as ever before. For Michael, and partly as a result of his interest in understanding human behavior, he’s grown quite passionate about helping foster excellence within the people around him.

“If you’re going to be anything in your career or passion, be the person who makes the people around you better.”

In his spare time, Michael Troina enjoys playing basketball and running. “After the sun goes down, nothing really beats heading to an arcade or playing some video games with my friends and brothers.” Michael, who has built a successful gaming website and Youtube channel, enjoys the competitive edge and innovation that comes along with games. “Especially today, the landscape and world constructed by the engineers and designers behind some of our favorite video games is out of this world. Plus, it’s not a bad way to take in some quality music from the soundtracks, too.”